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Welcome to Miami Beach

Sketchbook Print

Starting all my paintings out in sketch form, I wanted to share my preliminary concept for the Welcome to Miami Beach mural with collectors. Being a cartoonist at heart my sketches come from a deep place. Miami Beach is my home and I love being there deeply. Hope you dig it.

This item features:

Excited for our lovely south florida summer storms to start and reveal this awesome new art concept along Miami...

Lessons In Cartoon Expressionism: Episode 2


– Art Bond –

A Parliament of Owls

Natural has the most amazing ways of revealing countless gradients of subtlety and nuance through repetition. I wanted to explore this idea with this piece entitled, “ A Parliament of Owls”. The idea was to use repetition to reveal a pattern that moves the eye in all directions, in essence creating a sort of visual mantra. Additionally, I wanted to extend the composition beyond the borders of the picture plain to give the feeling of endlessness. No beginning and no end.

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