Florida governor honors Lebo during National Hispanic Heritage Month

Park West Gallery artist David “Lebo” Le Batard invigorated Florida’s 2015 Hispanic Heritage Month with his unique style as the state’s featured artist.

Lebo was selected by Florida Gov. Rick Scott to serve as the artist for Florida’s celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated from September 15 to October 15. Lebo and his family attended a ceremony on October 6 at the governor’s mansion.

“Being chosen to be the artist to represent Hispanic Heritage Month was not only was an honor as an artist but also as a Cuban-American as well as a Floridian,” Lebo says.

According to the state’s webpage, Scott says Florida’s government recognizes the contributions of Hispanic Floridians who have enriched the state’s communities with their contributions.

This year’s theme was “Recognizing the Past, Honoring the Present and Celebrating the Future.” In honor of this theme, Lebo, a continually rising star in the art world, was named the featured artist for this year’s celebration.

First Lady Ann Scott said: “Hispanic Heritage Month is an exciting opportunity to focus on the Hispanic people and culture we value so much here in Florida. I’m honored to highlight the work of the enormously gifted Lebo, our 2015 Hispanic Heritage featured artist.”

Lebo was born to Cuban immigrant parents and raised in South Florida. Family members on his father’s side were all musicians, playing in a well-known orchestra, so that Latin music and style is engrained in his “post-modern cartoon expressionism” style.